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The importance of human connection

As the world becomes more automated the need for human connection has never been more important.

It's one of the six core emotional needs we all have as humans. The others are: variety, significance, certainty, growth and contribution. If we don’t meet are core needs we can start to display dysfunctional behaviours. But if they are met, we are capable of achieving great things.

All animals have distinct sounds to warn of danger, signal their presence or find a mate. But humans have the unique ability to tell stories.

It’s a skill that sets us apart from other animals and has shaped who we are today.

The National Geographic Society estimates the earliest human stories date back over 30,000 years. In Lascaux and Chavaux, France, cave drawings depict animals, humans and other objects with some appearing to represent visual stories.

Oral storytelling is said to be as old as spoken word itself. Many believe The Illiad by Homer (9th or 8th century BCE) was spoken long before it was written down. And stories have continued ever since. Every culture. Every nationality. Every human.

Today parents read their children stories before they go to bed. Research suggests this activity can foster connections and expose them to feelings and emotions that elicit a response.

Aren’t these the basic principles of engagement at any age?

It makes me scratch my head that more and more companies are forgetting this and moving to synthetic AI voices to engage with their customers.

AI is excellent in many ways, but it can’t replicate humans telling stories with intrigue, emotion and personality.

And as more businesses move towards AI, the ones that don’t will stand out from the crowd.

Working with professional voiceover artists will make your brand sparkle and entice your customers to want more. And there’s a wealth of talent out there to match your brand.

I am one of them.

Listen to my commercial voice demo and see if you think I could make your brand shine. If you do, get in touch and let’s have a chat.

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